Who we are?

We are a full-service communication agency, all in all, we are best at media planning and buying.

We are a small team, so we keep personal contact with our clients.

We are here to create the most optimal media mix to our clients.

Naturally, price matters…


How can we help you?

Communication consulting

It does matter when we communicate what we communicate with whom we communicate. We believe in the success of teamwork. We determine important goals and the route leading to them. We “draw” the target groups and we define the communication tools to reach them.

Media Planning

Our aim is to create the most optimal media mix, from working out general strategy to the tiniest detail. Beside of all traditional inventory(TV, press, radio, public areas, web), unique tools may help us reaching our aims!

Media buying

We manage the entire process of ordering planned media:


- Ordering

- Transferring the creative material to the media

- Checking appearance

- Documentation

- Billing

Creative management and production

We help to create the most effective creative strategy. Working with numerous creative agencies, we are happy to recommend of the best!

We are also happy to unburden you during production, may it be a TV or a radio spot production or even a typographical task:


- Planning

- Production

- Logistics

Market research

How we manage market research projects: Who are they? Where they are coming from? Why did they come? What do they eat? What do they drink? What do they use? What would they like the more? How many times did they see? Have they met already? What do they remember about it?


We cannot find out the answers by ourselves, so it worth getting the answers from those we want to reach.

Festival Communication

Next level festival communication! There's no need for 100 million HUF for effective marketing campaign to reach masses! Barter based and 'semi-barter based' media deals with individual discounts, consultancy and guidance in communication just as in any aspect of organizing festivals.


Current projects

  • A Zsidó Művészeti Napok idén tavasszal először került megrendezésre Budapesten. Az új rendezvénysorozat a zsidó kultúra sokszínűségét változatos művészeti produkciókkal, több belvárosi helyszínen mutatta be az érdeklődő közönségnek. Ebben a multikulturális befogadó térben nemcsak keresztezték egymást, hanem a zsidó kultúra fókuszba állításával eggyé váltak a különböző művészeti ágak.
  • In June 2015, during five days of Armel Opera Festival, classical operas with novel concept for direction and contemporary pieces with special themes followed one another at Pest's Broadway. We promoted the spectacular event organized in the heart of the capital on broad spectrum on-line and on city light surfaces in downtown.
  • From April 2015, National Dance Theater is among our partners. We promote the spectacles of the institute in targeted campaigns on Facebook and their TV and radio campaigns are also materialized with our contribution.
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Thank you for your confidence


Adanima Consulting Kft. Company address (seat): Honfoglalás: H-1029 Honfogalás u. 40.    
CEO: Sárosi Eduárd Office: H-1037 Zay st. 3.    
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Cell: 36-30-54-84-791 Phone / Fax 36-1-308-78-44   The only thing that is constant is change, don't miss it!

Adanima Consulting Kft.

CEO: Sárosi Eduárd


Cell: 36-30-54-84-791

Company address (seat): H-1029 Honfogalás st. 40.

Office: H-1037 Zay u. 3.

Tel / Fax 36-1-308-78-44


The only thing that is constant is change, don't miss it!